Single Seat Commuter Sports Car

Single Seat Commuter Sports Car

I personally spend hours a day in my car. Doing so means I have owned a lot of cars in my lifetime. A short list would fill this post. From a 69 caddy to an 928s and one thing I noticed most of all is the passenger seat is almost always empty. I never drive anyone to work with me. So my work papers and laptop usually occupies the passengers seat. Now I want a car with some power and good handling that is not boring to drive. I also need good gas mileage and reasonable emissions from the tail pipe. I own a few cars that are not emissions friendly because of there age. But I do not drive these cars 100K mile a year. So I sat down one night and tried to think of all the things I really need in a work car. Quickly I found the list was very short. The feature list in todays cars is very long in deed.

1. Some power – does not need to be a lot but a nice amount of punch is desirable.

2. Elbow room – I need to be able to move my arms around and not feel jammed into the car.

3. A nice seat – I don’t want to get out of the car and have my back sore from driving.

4. Good mileage – No need to waste gas on an Escalade sized suv just to get a nice seat in the car

5. Good emissions – Any newer engine should be able to run very clean even with good performance

6. Large gas tank – More of a want than a need don’t want to stop for a fill up twice a day.

Now looking at that list many of those features are not offered on affordable or fuel efficient cars. In order to get a comfortable car you need to buy a caddy or a merc. Neither is responsible or needed for one person to drive to work. I have a Honda civic great car. But lacks in many areas and really you just cant make it al right. Power is easy a seat well I could swipe something from a caddy and make it fit. But I am still jammed to one side of the car and not as comfortable as I would wish.

Now build a car from the ground up to meet these features you can get all of them with no problem. As long as your willing to have a single seat car many of those feature could fit in a much smaller and more practical package.

I made a few drawings on my limited cad program and decided that if I was going to build myself them I would build it out of steel tube with nascar style chassis. I realize a steel tube chassis will be heavy but also very strong. No reason not to have one that is as safe as I can get it. I also liked the idea of using a motor cycle engine in my prototypes. Lot of power with engine and trans in one package along with good mileage and power. Another good deal is most cycle engines are pretty cheap when talking about the new price of todays power plants. Also many bike engine are very self contained so there is not a lot of support equipment needed to run a bike engine. I considered using a single cylinder engine with a turbo charger or other forced induction system. But with the range of bike engines on the market the choice is not an easy one. Many got the power to drive a small car and many more have the power to push a new type of car with smaller foot print and better aerodynamics. A typical small car wheel base is plenty of room for a single person to ride comfortably.

Here are a few basic drawings. They are not good try not to fault me too much on my “idea drawings” these are far from blueprints.

cardraft3 cardraft1 cardraft2

As you can see the chassis is made as a comfortable but will feature a roll cage built into the door/roof. I have also tried to come up with a system to open the roll cage for a side access style door although it is not represented in this picture. There are several small cars on the market as track day cars that have similar feature but they are not made for daily driving and not roomy at all.


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