Everything Has Already Been Invented

Everything Has Already Been Invented



A lot of the people in the world are waiting for a new invention to come along and solve all the worlds problems. Maybe we need cheap power or free energy. More power from less fuel and on and on. We all are looking for something that does not exist yet. With the fact that all most all mechanical inventions have been built in the past 100 years. Once the lathe and Mill were created there is almost nothing that can not be made in the mechanical world. Now in the last 50 years the inventors have focused on electronic and computer technology. It has been an incredible leap in technology from almost nothing using electric to almost everything we own either needing batteries of some kind or tethered to the wall outlet. Now with the requirement to make cheap power or even free power we look for a new technology to make it all work for nothing or next to nothing.

When it comes to mechanical inventions between the Lever, the Inclined Plane and the wheel. Just about any type of mechanical device can be made. These simple machines were used to make the Lathe and Mill the first precision machine tools which have been used to build all other machines to follow. Every type of industrial machine tool was made using a Mill and Lathe. Even today’s robots CNC systems are still basically the same thing with more refinement. Now that the refinement is added into the mix we can make almost any type of part size or shape. From spheres to wheels to complex designs that are best cast than machined. but in all cases the Lathe and Mill are used to make the first part the prototype. In the world of plastics they are used ot make the molds that produce parts by the thousands or even millions. But it all comes down to the first three simple machines.

It is clear we have needs and in the future those needs will be met one way or the other. Once we look into the problems we find many solutions that seem as if they would work. If we were all to put everything into solving these problems today we would find very quickly that there are many solutions not all will work in all situations. Some are simple and could save us all from pollution and waste but others are much more complex to solve.

As for electrical power in most of the US we could cover the roof of every house with solar panels and provide electric for an entire town and maybe even more than we could ever use. But with the single focus we have toward technology its almost impossible to get an entire small town on the same page even three people living next door to each other may all want something different. If we as a people and community could all work towards solving some basic issues for ourselves and for our neighbors. A simple solar farm that covers miles of farm land can help the community solve its power problems. But why don’t we have these mounted on all of our roofs. We could all solve the problem for all the people that live near us and the people that live near them. Instead the money we spend to solve problems like this goes to a company that keeps all of us from the benefits that should be available to all. With the simple act of refusing to work together we have all stopped progress. With this in mind i write this article. It is clear that we all have the technology to we need to have free energy and other things we have all strives for. There is no need for a new invention to make it all work we just need to use what is in our hands to its fullest potential.

Fuel for cars and trucks is much simpler than many think. Natural gas, alcohol, bio diesel and electric technologies are out there and work well enough to make it possible. In the early days of cars there were few roads and even less gas stations. We were able to make it all work thru dedication and desire to be free to travel on our own. We have lost this simple desire not because we lack drive but because we have an alternative. As long as another way exists we will not move forward without dedication to the cause.  Brazil has proved that a large country can use alcohol and other fuels to off set oil when forced to. At this point we are simply not forced to make the hard choices that make it possible. If we were to all pull together nothing we want is beyond our grasp.

With all the things we have made we have not been able to solve some of life’s more complex problems. But they do not lay outside our grasp. Just outside of our willingness grab them.

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