Distributed Powertrain System for Cars and Trucks

Distributed Powertrain System for Cars and Trucks


My next nutty ideal is to distribute the power train of the normal automobile around the car into four sections. Now Moving parts has always been the killer of complex machinery so the more moving parts the more likely the failure. That is a very true statement but with cars we have vetted many parts and know how long and how much abuse eac part can really take. So with quality control and proper testing Four small engine and transmissions could work. And may be eaith just as heavy or even lighter. Think about it the trans in most high power modern cars weigh half a ton and are still prone to failure as they are required to transfer 500 lbs of torque that could break any trans with a little effect from the driver.


Tiny engines: There are lots to choose from many are easy to find and have lots of power for there size.


Constant variable transmissions: These days there are lots of off the shelf CVT available around the world that can take torque in the 100 lbs range. Now try to use the same tech for 500 or 1000 Ft Lbs of torque and there is nothing you would need to build it and it would be hugh that is a major problem with some engine tech it does not scale well. This is very clear in steam engines. A 10 hp steam engine is rather small only twice the size of a 10 hp gas. Now ramp it up to 200 hp and the gas engine fits in many small packages but the steam engine is the size of a train or large truck.


Cost with low cost engine and trans it should be possible to sell cheap replacements and make the entire system modular.

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